There is one truck I have had the pleasure to work on over the years that I thoroughly enjoy! The 6.4L Ford is a masterpiece of engineering! The reason I like this truck so much is because I know I can install an aftermarket exhaust and an H&S Tuner and hand my customer the keys to a reliable 600 horse power pavement pounding beast.The 6.4L Ford was International’s finest work, and in a way I think it really made up for the problems Ford had with the 6.0L which inevitably caused the split between Ford and International.We have seen some issues with the 6.4L power plant, but most of those problems happened when the trucks were bone stock. Bad injectors, washed out piston rings, blown EGR cooler and scattered factory turbos can all be attributed to faulty emissions equipment.

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When the EGR gets stuck open or closed it will cause problems and in stock form this happens quite often.

DPF Delete 6.7 Cummins – The 6.4L Ford engine has the nastiest regeneration cycle of any DPF equipped diesel on the market. They go through gallons of fuel during regen and this is always going to take a toll on the engine. If you own a 6.4L and you have witnessed one going into regen you have seen them start lugging down and blowing massive amounts of whitish colored smoke out of the tail pipe. That white smoke is raw fuel that the engine simply can’t burn. The truck is lugging down because during regen, it is literally putting out the fire.This is the reason we see melted pistons, and other serious engine failures. If it weren’t for regen we would have very few, if any major issues with these trucks.


Job one truck of 2014 had a few issues, but nothing the dealership will not warranty and chances are if you pick up a used 2014 truck today it has already been fixed under warranty. The problems with the job 1 trucks were leaky bed plates which would look like a rear main seal leaking, but the warranted fix for this problem was to install a new Ford engine. It may seem drastic, but when it’s free who cares.The other problem commonly experienced with the Job 1 truck was cracked or leaking radiators. Again, not a huge deal. Ford’s fix was to replace it with a brand new unit.


The 5R110 transmission is another amazing feature of the Ford Super Duty. It will (as I have personally witnessed) handle more than 700 horsepower in stock form. No other transmission on the market will handle this kind of abuse. I have worked on a lot of these 6.4L Fords and I have yet to see one with a blown transmission. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard of them eating up transmissions, but none of the ones we have ever worked on have come back with transmission problems.


These trucks, like any will benefit greatly from anything you can do to increase air flow. Aftermarket intercoolers are suggested due to the fact that the factory intercooler has plastic end tanks. These end tanks can burst under heavy throttle, but won’t really hurt anything as long as you quit driving and replace the intercooler.The factory air intake is all the way at the back of the engine bay against the firewall. There isn’t a whole lot of air getting in back there. So like any other diesel you will see a positive gain from installing an aftermarket cold air intake and exhaust.

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